freak-of-nurture COVER FOR POSTING FEB 1 2013

“This hilarious collection covers a lot of ground – daredevil childhood, big-hearted caregiving, behind the scenes Catholic convents, coming out as uh whatever, comedy and good samaritan road-trips, death defying hospice  – with a bracing self-awareness, a keen appreciation of language, sexual frankness and buoyant optimism.   It is laugh-out-loud outrageous story-telling.” 

              -Kate Clinton, pioneer of LGBT stand up comedy


“I got this email after I was on Penn and Teller’s Bullsh**, a woman wrote to me and said ‘you are SO disgusting, you are a freak of nature.’  Oh, my little hateful friend, you do not know me, you don’t know my family or you would know that indeed I am a freak of nurture“     -Kelli Dunham

Essays and Stories by Kelli Dunham

In Freak of Nurture, Kelli Dunham’s fifth book, Dunham demonstrates that hilarity and chaos reign when you combine what her therapist calls “deep biological optimism” with a hearty midwestern work ethic and determination to make bad ideas a fantastic reality. Whether she is writing about hitch-hiking across Haiti to help out with disaster relief, about getting kicked out of the convent for having “too much self esteem” or living on a houseboat in Philadelphia in the winter, Kelli Dunham‘s humorous interpretation of difficult situations is both inspiring and entertaining.

In the tradition of authors such as David Sedaris and Ellen DeGeneres, Dunham’s “slice of life” stories remind us that even though humans are deeply flawed, we’re also seriously hysterical that way.

STORIES INCLUDE: (Dis)honoring Columbus, Sister Mercy Writes Her Home Letter, Lulu the Cat Says Screw You, Clit Teasers, Does It Take More Than Duct Tape To Be A Dyke, The ABCs of Adventures in Gender, Performing By the Numbers and many more….

FREAK OF NURTURE ALSO INCLUDES the full text of Kelli’s award-winning solo performance pieces, PUDDING DAY and BAD HABIT, edited into narrative form, updated and sprinkled with never before heard anecdotes. If you’ve ever wondered why Kelli carries a sign in the Dyke March that says “I taught a nun to masturbate” you won’t want to miss this book.


“Kelli Dunham has written a funny and yet serious collection of autobiographical essays. Her passage from Catholic nun to an atheistic-none of the Gods above is a gripping journey.”

— Bob Smith, author of Remembrance Of Things I Forgot

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