Happy Day of Moms

Happy Day of Moms

From the essay “Arrive Alive, the Fine Art of Family Holiday Survival”


They’re here!

For realz

For realz

Yeah it ain’t a pre-order anymore, folks. It’s an order. Get yours now. Or if you’re in New York City area, please come to the release party on May 18th.


Yup, it’s true you can now pre-order Freak of Nurture directly from Topside. Of course, once you PRE ORDER it won’t be a long wait until your order is in order because it’s coming out in May 18th!

In the meantime, in case you’re all “wait…wha..what is that

book about anyway?” I made a Venn Diagram to explain:

Hope that clears it up.

Hope that clears it up.