One More Singing Nun

Eight Things This Ex-Nun Has to Say About Sister Cristina on the Italian Voice

1. Seriously mainstream media, how many habit puns are you going to make? Nuns have been around a really long time. There are no new nun habit puns.

2. Yeah it made me cry a little. On the other hand, I’m in the midst of the personal/medical crisis so everything makes me cry a little. The cold weather. My cat making a cute sound. My cat making a horrible sound. Warm weather. Friends calling. Friends not calling. Etc.

3. Hey Atlantic, it’s a CRUCIFIX around her neck not a cross. A CRUCIFIX.  A crucifix is a cross that has a dead Jesus on it. They are not the same thing.

4. I am the world’s worst ex-nun, because I just had to spell check crucifix.

5. On the other hand, the Daily News called Sister Cristina’s sisters “colleagues” so they’re not doing much better than the The Atlantic.

6. How exactly do the  Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family have a 25 year professed sister, when the average age of an American nun is like 89.5 years or something? Causing a care crisis by the way: lots of old nuns and no new nuns to take care of them.

7. If you ever can’t find me, I’ve probably run away somewhere to take care of old nuns. Seriously, start the search there.

8. Maybe if the Missionaries of Charity had let me be on Last Comic Standing, you’d still be calling me Sister Mercy today.

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