FREAK OF NURTURE…it’s not just a book, it’s a movement.

Or it should be anyway.

Kelli is bringing her FREAK of NURTURE WHAT DOESN’T KILL US MAKES US WEIRDER creative traumedy workshop to colleges, community centers, conferences, houses, barns, and pizza places all over the country. Hit the contact page info for more info


When difficulty in our lives stretches us to the breaking point, it often cracks us open to do creative work that we’ve never attempted before. In this workshop, genderqueer nurse ex-nun author and stand up comic Kelli Dunham will help participants grapple with the nuts and bolts relationship between creativity and hardship and use writing prompts to explore how to make comic art from tragic life.

FREAK OF NURTURE is a participatory workshop that will help participants tap into their creative powers and see more of the funny in their daily life difficulties. Participants will learn about the historic precedents for making comedy out of hardship both within the LGBT community and in the greater progressive activism movements, practice simple techniques for increasing their ability to use of laughter as a coping mechanism, and finally respond to writing prompts to help them embolden any artform with humor. Please note that this workshop is suitable for writers and performance artists, but is open to all. Expanding the capacity to laugh in addition to (not necessarily instead of) crying can make everyone’s life a little easier and richer.

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