Process (but not the kind you might expect)

So Sassafras Lowrey tagged me in this writing process promo blog tour. Is that what it’s called? Anyway, it was a consensual tag.

It’s a self interview thing, so I am interviewing myself.

Kelli: What are you working on?

Kelli: Seriously, what am I working on? Don’t you know?

Kelli: Yes, of course I know. It’s for the sake of the interview.

Kelli: Really? You’re not just pretending you know?

Kelli: Yes.

Kelli. Well….okay. Right now I am working on about seventeen billion things, but one of the things I am most excited about is I’m working on a nonfiction graphic novel about health and health self advocacy for LGBT people, especially LGBT youth. I’m thrilled because I have an illustrator now to collaborate with (not sure if she’s good with me going public with that, so it’ll be a surprise in a few months).  A lot of my work dovetails with health: for example, this weekend one of the workshops I am doing at the Transcending Boundaries Conference, which by the way, I’m doing in at the Brooklyn Community Pride Center on April 9th as well, is called When A Casserole Is Not Enough: Building Teams of Caregivers in Non-Traditional Communities. I’m also trying to promote my book Freak of Nurture, at least as much as you can do without leaving home.

Kelli: Because of Kneepacalypse.

Kelli: So now you remember?

Kelli: Ha ha ha. So how does your work differ from others of its genre?

Kelli: From other graphic novels about LGBT health?

Kelli: Good point. Okay, so why do you write what you do?

Kelli: I write about health because I’m a nurse, and a queer person, and I’d like very much for queer people (myself included) to be healthier; to have more access to healthcare, to know when we’re ill and injured (trickier than you might think), to feel more entitled to enjoying our bodies as much as we can. And I write funny stuff because I’m funny.

Kelli: How does your writing process work?

Kelli: I don’t know that I exactly have a process unless “sit down and write” is a process. I usually brainstorm long-hand before I write a piece, but not always. With comedy that’s headed for my stand up act, that’s inevitably something that starts in my notebook as somewhat undecipherable notes, and when I fill a small notebook I type them into my “comprehensive stand up comedy’ document. Next time I go to complete a set list, I check for new material to try out.

I’m tagging:

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett at Sarah writes books and blogs, and loves her wife, and their hedgehog, Philadelphia, punks, and pickles. (In that order.)

Sinclair Sexsmith, at SugarButch. Sinclair Sexsmith ( is a feminist dominant, identity puzzler, poet, sacred intimate, and strap-on expert. They produce Sugarbutch Chronicles: The Sex, Gender, and Relationship Adventures of a Kinky Queer Butch Top at, and have contributed to more than twenty anthologies, and edited Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica.


They’re here!

For realz

For realz

Yeah it ain’t a pre-order anymore, folks. It’s an order. Get yours now. Or if you’re in New York City area, please come to the release party on May 18th.


Yup, it’s true you can now pre-order Freak of Nurture directly from Topside. Of course, once you PRE ORDER it won’t be a long wait until your order is in order because it’s coming out in May 18th!

In the meantime, in case you’re all “wait…wha..what is that

book about anyway?” I made a Venn Diagram to explain:

Hope that clears it up.

Hope that clears it up.

Dude, Why A Funeral Home?

When we were making the plans for the NYC Release Party of Freak of Nurture I talked with the lovely women at the Sealy Cuyler Funeral Home* about having the reading there. They sagely asked “Why a funeral home? Are you at all worried that this will make people uncomfortable?”

The short answer is : Yo, I’ve had two partners die in a period of seven years. Of the same disease. At the same exact age. I make people uncomfortable by walking in the room. Let’s have some fun with it!

If you’re still not down with the idea of coming to a funeral home for a book party, I came up with a list of reasons why it’s going to be awesome. Pick your favorite:

1. Opportunity to see the inside of a really cool, bright green funeral home without someone you love dying.

See? Totally cool looking.

See? Totally cool looking.

2. Deal with your own fear of death for free instead of paying your sliding scale therapist  to say annoying things like “how does that make you feel?” when it’s already 100 percent obvious how you feel.

3. Be able to cruise for a date in a funeral home setting without being a complete anti-social jerk.

4. Laugh really hard at the readings I’ll be doing and thus reinforce neural pathways that deal with trauma AND help you remember where you left your apartment keys.

5. Have something cool to do on a Saturday afternoon so you can go home and watch teeveee on Saturday night with a clear social conscience.

6. Space is all ages and wheelchair accessible and vegan. Well mostly it’s vegan because you can’t serve food there on account of the board of health prohibiting eating & drinking at funeral homes. So much for my funeral home/frozen pizza theme restaurant idea.

7. Cause you’re a badass.

8. Cause you’re a New Yorker and you think things like this are cool and you might even wear your skinny jeans and flannel shirt just to show how ironically not ironic about being ironic you are.

9. Cause you want to support me on my big day, and you know I’m never going to have a wedding because of my Black Widow reputation. I mean, not saying I CAUSE cancer, just saying you probably shouldn’t get married to me if you’ve ever been a smoker or worked in an asbestos factory.

10. Because you’re going to laugh your head off. But not literally. But even if you did literally laugh your head off, no worries because you’re totally already at a funeral home.

The NYC release party is Saturday, May 18th at 4 pm at Sealy Cuyler Funeral Home 1084 Pacific (C or S to Franklin Avenue) Brooklyn NY 11238. Totally free. More details and updates on the facebook event.

* Sealy Cuyler is women-owned, and POC owned. And they’re really kind and caring and knowledgeable and LGBTfriendly. So if your plans call for use of funeral home, I bet they’d be a good pick.

New York Release: In a funeral home, naturally….

Guess what? We’ve got a time & place for the New York release of FREAK OF NURTURE and it’s going to be off.the.chain.

Sealy Cuyler Funeral Home (aka the Bright Green Funeral Home by the Franklin Avenue Shuttle Stop) is kind enough to let us use their space for the book reading; we’ll have a number of interesting and entertaining guest readers and then we’ll have a reception at a nearby venue (no food or drink in funeral places, that’s a Department of Health thing, which makes sense).

Here’s the details: