Get all of Kelli’s comedy FREE

KELLI DUNHAM I AM NOT A 12 YEAR OLD BOY CDIf you liked Freak of Nurture the BOOK, you’ll love Kelli’s comedy.

Well, we can’t really promise that. But probably you will. Unless you really just hate stand up comedy.

Anyway, you may recall that Kelli made a weird video to help cheer folks up during the Winter That Never Quit? Well, it’s been a messed up August too, and Kelli is out of cute kitten pictures so here’s her offering. Until Labor Day only, you can download all three of her comedy CDs for PAY ANY PRICE! You can pay one cent. You can pay two cents. You can pay ten bucks. You can pay a million bucks. YOU CAN PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

ALMOST PRETTY CD COVEROh and here’s the cool thing: any money you pay for these CDs goes to support Kelli’s other love (besides comedy and diet mountain dew and foods that glow in the dark) QUEER MEMOIR! Queer Memoir is storytelling show that works with queer folks from all walks of life, especially those who are not writers or performers, to help them share their stories with the wider LGBT community. Anything you give for these CDs (but don’t forget, you can give NOTHING) goes to support Queer Memoir WORKSHOPS and finance venue space that feels welcoming to everyone (ie not in a bar, fully accessible, etc) but doesn’t come cheap in New York.